These images approximate the silicone foot shell colors, however due to the wide variation between devices and screen colors it is impossible to guarantee an exact match. If you are looking for an exact match our technicians can replicate the shape and color of your remaining foot (or any foot), just inquire about our custom foot shells and prosthetic skins.


A good fit for those with ivory or porcelain-like complexion, it carries pale to rosy undertones. This color contains subtle red freckles over a neutral silicone tint.

Honey Cream

This is a medium to light color with natural undertones and a subtle honey and cream coloration. It can be considered a light skin, with a very subtle warm tint.

Light Tan

This is by far our most popular color. It should fit those who are light-skinned but get repeated sun exposure, with its natural color and lightest hazel undertones.

Medium Tan

This coloration builds upon our popular Light Tan skin tone. This healthy hue is achieved by adding a subtle brown undertone to enhance the tanning effect.

Dark Tan

Dark Tan takes the idea of conveying a tanned light skin to the next level with the addition of a rich brown coloration and the effect of consistent exposure to sunlight.

Dark Brown

Also a very popular color tone among our silicone skin products, Dark Brown is luscious and deep without ever looking ashy and it carries a lively sheen on its surface.