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Why Choose Skintones for you Prosthetic Cover?

At SkinTones Systems, we revolutionize prosthetic covers by prioritizing both aesthetics and functionality. Distancing ourselves from the typical, mass produced covers, our covers are exclusively crafted from high-grade silicone, closely mimicking the natural texture and color of human skin. Our ProSystem Hyper-Realistic and Premium Ready-to-Wear lines are the result of meticulous research and development, ensuring that each cover not only provides protection but also restores a sense of anatomical wholeness for amputees.

Customization and Responsiveness to Individual Needs Understanding the unique needs of each individual, SkinTones Systems offers hand-sculpted prosthetic covers, allowing for personalized features like split toes and a wide range of natural skin tones. Our continuous dialogue with patients has led to the introduction of Ready-to-Wear silicone foot shells, further expanding our array of options. By choosing SkinTones, you’re choosing a product that values individual identity, offering both comfort and a boost in confidence.

Whats the Difference?


The ProSystem Hyper-Realistic protective skins are just that: hyper-realistic. Our proprietary hand-layering technique allows our technicians and anaplastologists to vary the thickness and direction of the materials according to our strict fabrication guidelines. Several days of extreme attention goes into fabricating each one of these natural-looking protective covers.

  • Masterful Precision and Detail: Our prostheses embody meticulous craftsmanship, perfectly capturing the complex details of natural skin.
  • Exceptional Realism: High-level attention to detail ensures prostheses are virtually indistinguishable from natural limbs.
  • Artistic Integration: Our prostheses seamlessly blend with the body, enhancing mobility and boosting self-esteem.
  • Perfect for those looking for the ultimate expression

  • In-person, private consultation throughout the process

  • Extensive anatomical analysis for precise sculpting

  • Acrylic nails; veins; hair; split toes, up to 4.5″ heels

  • Most accurate color matching system available

  • Translucent multi-layering for unparalleled detail

  • One-of-a-kind covers made to each individual


A Step Ahead Prosthetics proudly presents the Premium Ready-to-Wear line of made-to-order protective silicone covers. Forget what you know about “off-the-shelf” covers, with their unnatural look and cheap plastic feel. Our high-quality covers are made by hand using a revolutionary process that yields a level of strength and detail never found on pre-fab covers before.

  • Affordable solution, great for a secondary prosthesis

  • Designed to fit over most prosthesis on the market

  • Pliable; stretches over foam core for a natural shape

  • Hard nails, split toes, skin textures, and up to 2.5″ heels

  • Remote color kit available to try and choose at home

  • Only “off-the-shelf” made with multiple silicone tones

  • Can be ordered online and delivered to your door


What is Anaplastology?! Anaplastology is the art and science of restoring missing body parts with highly realistic cosmetic prosthetics. Anaplastologists specialize in designing, creating, fitting facial and somatic prostheses, helping to restore various body parts such as ears, noses, legs, arms, fingers, and toes.


Can I paint the nails on my skin?2017-05-04T15:27:58-04:00

Yes, you can definitely go get yourself a mani-pedi with your SkinTones skin! Just make sure that you use an acetone-free nail polish remover, as acetone will erode the acrylic nails on the skin.

Do you offer financing?2020-02-19T09:38:10-05:00

While we do not offer financing, our Ready-to-Wear protective skins were developed as an alternative to the more costly custom skins. For those who decide to get a custom skin directly from A Step Ahead Prosthetics, our insurance staff can work closely with you, your employer, and your family to help reduce your financial exposure.

How do I clean and maintain my skin?2017-05-04T14:47:29-04:00

Skins can be wiped down with Dawn dish soap (or the like) and water as needed. For tougher stains, alcohol and a kitchen scrubbing pad can be used. We recommended periodically cleaning your protective skin to avoid letting dirt and stains sit on the surface for too long.

I want a custom skin, but I can’t travel. What are my options?2020-02-19T08:51:42-05:00

Our ProSystem Custom protective skins are fabricated to each individual and as such require one to be present in our New York facility. The second best alternative would be to purchase a Ready-to-Wear directly from our online shop! Remember, unlike most other skins on the market, our Ready-to-Wear skins come standard with split toes, color and texture nuance and are quite detailed.

Will my skin get dirty easily?2019-06-05T08:56:32-04:00

Just like your body, the skin will get dirty with use. Fortunately, it is quite easy to clean! We recommend avoiding very dark demin, especially when new, and encourage our patients to periodically clean the protective skin with soap and water.

Will things like permanent marker wash off my skin?2020-08-28T10:56:56-04:00

Generally speaking yes. Because our skins are made from pure high-grade silicone, they’re impervious to virtually any staining substances. In rare instances, where permanent ink is left on the skin for a long time, a faint mark may remain even after cleaning with rubbing alcohol.

Can I return or exchange a skin or foot shell?2023-11-29T10:47:58-05:00

Since we fabricate our Ready-to-Wear skins and foot shells based on your color choice, side and size they cannot be returned nor exchanged.

How do I know the skin will fit over my prosthesis?2019-06-05T15:33:40-04:00

The Premium Ready-to-Wear protective skin covers and foot shells were designed to follow industry-standard sizes (their size will match the size of your current foot shell). If you choose to get a ProSystem Custom skin our technicians will measure, manufacture and install it (at one of our facilities), to ensure proper fitment and best aesthetics.

Can I have my prosthetist get in touch with you to help me order?2019-06-04T14:49:27-04:00

The Premium Ready-to-Wear skins were specifically designed to fit over a variety of third party devices. Your prosthetist will most likely install it without any problems however he or she can contact us directly if questions arise. Our Custom skins must fitted over prosthetics made by us.

Can the skin get wet?2023-11-29T10:47:12-05:00

Our silicone skins are waterproof, offering added durability. However, it’s important to note that while the skins themselves are water-resistant, they do not extend this property to your existing prosthesis if it is not already waterproof.

Will sunlight cause my skin to fade or discolor?2019-06-05T15:54:48-04:00

No, sunlight will not affect the pigmentation of the skin at all. Unlike many skins on the market, A Step Ahead’s prosthetic skins have pigments mixed and baked within the silicone itself. It is important to notice that products with oils and dyes, such as tanning lotions, may stain the silicone and should be washed away as soon as possible.

Will oil or grease harm the skin?2023-11-29T10:44:22-05:00

Keep all oil-based products away from the silicone skin. In case of accidental contact, immediately clean the area with a mixture of Dawn dish detergent and water or use rubbing alcohol to wipe it down.

Will nail polish remover harm the skin?2019-06-05T16:02:06-04:00

Regular nail polish remover (with acetone) will not damage your silicone protective skin, but it will erode acrylic fingernails if your skin has them. However, you can use an acetone-free nail polish remover without any problems.

How do partial prosthetics like fingers and toes stay attached?2017-04-24T11:58:16-04:00

There are a number of methods used to attach partial prosthetics including suction, adhesives, bone implants, and magnets.

My insurance company says a skin is “not medically necessary,” can you help?2019-05-31T14:00:33-04:00

Generally speaking yes, we can help. Our Insurance Team invests a lot of time and resources preparing our claims, to ensure that insurance companies understand that strong, impermeable silicone skins will protect these costly medical devices against the elements. If you have an specific insurance question don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Will a skin hinder the function of my prosthesis in any way?2017-05-04T10:13:27-04:00

They will not hinder the function of your prosthesis, but skins do add some weight. Above knee amputees may see a difference in the way their prosthetic knee performs, although this can be adjusted by a prosthetist to compensate.

How much weight will a skin add to my prosthesis?2019-05-31T11:41:15-04:00

We keep our skins as lightweight as possible, however they also need to be strong; they typically add between 400 and 600 grams to a bk prosthesis (14 to 21 ounces).

My skin tone changes during the year. How can I choose a single color?2020-02-21T09:31:34-05:00

Your natural varies between seasons. Since your skin color changes and the silicone skin does not, we recommend you go with your natural skin tone at its darkest. Don’t forget, summer is also the time when you’ll most likely be be showing off your skin!

You can order our swatch kit to ensure the best match. Swatch kits are only relevant to those ordering our Ready-to-Wear line – since the custom “ProSystem” skins are created with the patient at our New York facility.

How long does a skin typically last?2019-05-31T13:43:08-04:00

The life span of a protective cover can vary based on usage and how well one cares for and maintains the skin. We’ve seen skins lasting three years or more.

Is there a “Care Instructions” sheet for the I can download and print?2023-11-29T10:42:25-05:00

Sure! You can download/print the Care Instruction Sheet by clicking here.

How can I order a Ready-to-Wear Skin or Foot Shell?2020-02-19T09:54:01-05:00

You can order directly on this site! Just click the button below.

Understanding the Differences Between Split Toe and Non-Split Toe Prosthetic Footshells2023-11-29T11:18:00-05:00

A split-toe prosthetic foot shell is designed with a separate big toe, allowing for better accommodation of flip-flops or sandals. In contrast, a non-split toe design presents a unified toe section, offering a more streamlined appearance but less versatility in footwear choices.

prosthetic foot shell non-split toe and split toe


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