Where the latest technology meets hand-crafted artistry to deliver bespoke objects of self-expression.

The ProSystem Hyper-Realistic protective skins are just that: hyper-realistic. Our proprietary hand-layering technique allows our technicians and anaplastologists to vary the thickness and direction of the materials according to our strict fabrication guidelines. Several days of extreme attention goes into fabricating each one of these natural-looking silicone prosthetic devices. Custom prostheses can range from a single finger, nose or ear all the way to a full-length leg skin cover.


Want a custom silicone prosthesis? Get in touch with us to schedule a consultation and a tour of our facility. Our one-of-a-kind protective covers are made by hand for the ultimate feel, and that natural look to perfectly replicate your sound side. Since producing a custom skin can vary so much, the easiest way to start the process is to send us a few details on what your needs are. We’re more than happy to look into your case and quickly respond with the best solution.

*While Ready-to-Wear skins and foot shells can be easily ordered online, custom foot shells and skins require the patient to accompany the process in person at our New York facility.